sonesta great bay beach resort and casino

We have been staying at a great beach resort in the bay for a long time. It used to be the home of the famed Grand Bahama casino, but it is now owned by the casino corporation and owned by the same people who run the Grand Bahama casino and the resort. The casino corporation has built a casino hotel in that location, and they call it Sonesta. The bay is the main water source for the resort, and the best choice.

The resort itself looks like a beautiful beach resort, but the casino hotel is in the middle of a big city, so it’s not the greatest place to be. The resort looks great though, and Sonesta looks like a great place to stay.

In that day and age, it’s not easy to get a real place that fits your lifestyle. It’s like the great idea of “getting a real house,” which is the best way to get a place that fits your needs.

The idea is that you can design the house to fit your life, which is what Sonesta does. But the house isn’t made with your lifestyle in mind. You can pick a location that works for you, but Sonesta doesn’t give you the options you need and expect.

The fact is that it’s more popular with parents of the kids who want to build their own homes. The best thing about Sonesta is that it’s a place where you can just get to know the kids and their parents. It’s not like it’s an easy way to get to know the kids, but the real thing is that it’s a place where you can choose from a whole bunch of options that you don’t need or what you don’t want.

The big advantage is that Sonesta has it all. You can choose from a whole bunch of places on its website, and you can take a few minutes to visit them. It’s not hard to find, but if you don’t know where to look, you might want to head over to the location that’s your favourite, or the place where you want to spend a bit more time.

With the exception of one location, everything has a special aura that should make it a good place for its guests. The restaurant on the beach is pretty good and you get to take the kids to the beach, but the place is pretty easy to get to from the hotel. Its close enough to the beach that its very convenient for the beach-goers, and has many amenities, so the kids can sleep in the back of the hotel.

Oh, and if you’re going to be on the beach, it’s a good idea to get some good food or cocktails. Here are some drinks you can try.

Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort and Casino is a great place to stay if you want a beachfront resort with all the amenities of a resort; a casino, casino tables, and slots. It’s also close enough to the beach so that the beach-goers can sleep in the back of the hotel. There’s also a restaurant that you can go to for a drink and food.

Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort and Casino has a good restaurant with a nice pool. However, its closest beach is a bit further than the restaurant. If youre staying at the beach, you can find a few more drinks and cocktails on the beach that you should try.

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