rivers casino seafood buffet

Rivers Casino Seafood Buffet is an all inclusive buffet that serves a variety of local seafood. Fresh seafood is served, cooked seafood is available, and the food is prepared to order in a relaxed atmosphere. The buffet is served with a large selection of side and appetizers, and also a full size seafood platter with a variety of seafood, salad, and appetizers. Each seafood platter comes with one lobster tail, two crab claws, three shrimp claws, and two oysters.

If you’re a seafood lover, the Rivers casino seafood buffet should be on your list of places to eat. The menu is a little disorganized, but that’s to be expected with a buffet that’s not very familiar but still a good deal more than I expected.

The buffet includes some of the best seafood I’ve ever had in my life. There are some great breads and charcuterie on the platter, and I especially love the house made crab cakes. The side dishes are also pretty good, along with the seafood platter itself. Most of the seafood isn’t anything special, and all of the appetizers are just good. One of the side plates is a little weird though, and I’m not exactly sure what the deal is.

You can just throw the chips or dip them into the ice, but the appetizer plates have actual ice, so you can eat it there on your plate. The crab cakes are served in the main course with the side dish.

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