Every week, for the final 5 years, Josh’s mom, Missy, has visited her son at the Marion Correctional Facility in Lowell, Fla. Josh Phillips, 20, has spent 1 / 4 of his life behind bars. And once we had been taking a step again, we’ve been spending so much time with our teams serious about what we can do for teenagers. That’s not enough for kids proper now and so you might have seen the framework that we rolled out referred to as Believe In Better and the spirit of it’s let’s actually get artistic about all the issues youngsters want right now.

He was held in most security as he made his first court look. It was determined that Clifton’s cause of dying was because of stabbing and clubbing with a baseball bat. As the 2 have been taking part in baseball, Maddie threw the ball at him and he hit it, which caused the ball to strike the 8-year-old’s eye, causing her to bleed, leading Clifton to cry and scream. Phillips panicked, fearing the response that his dominate father would give when he received home and saw the aftermath. Phillips proceeded to drag Clifton into his residence after which into his room and strangle her with a phone wire for approximately 15 minutes.

At the age of 14, Phillips bludgeoned and stabbed his eight-year-old neighbour Maddie Clifton. Today I am bringing you an interview with ‘aging acrobat’ (his words!) Joshua Phillips. Back when Joshua was around 11 or 12 he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive dysfunction, or OCD. Meanwhile, Susanna Reid last evening told The Sun her interview with Phillips was “extremely distressing”. Phillips defined to police he had been playing basketball with Maddie, like they had done on many earlier occasions, when he by chance hit her with the ball. But this concept was obliterated a week after Maddie’s disappearance – when Phillips’ mum Melissa inspected her son’s mattress.

The ball had hit her within the eye and started bleeding. She, unsurprisingly, began to scream and cry because of the pain. A week after Maddie’s disappearance Phillips’s mom went into his room to tidy up, however she seen an odd odor. She then observed that the waterbed her son slept on gave the impression to be leaking.

There they noticed two small ft with white socks sticking out from the bottom of Joshua’s waterbed, together with liquid coming from underneath the bed and tape on the ground. A sturdy nicki minaj ellen full interview odor emanated from the room, which was immediately sealed as against the law scene. One of the detectives then picked up Joshua at college and took him to the police station.

The FBI even turned concerned because the local police had didn’t yield outcomes. A $100,000 reward was offered for anyone that might lead to Clifton’s protected return. “To begin with, Phillips didn’t receive an inescapable, irrevocable life sentence. … Phillips is entitled to judicial review of his sentence to determine whether his sentence must be modified based on demonstrated maturity and rehabilitation,” the ruling mentioned. The trial solely lasted two days as a end result of Joshua’s legal professionals introduced no witnesses or evidence.

There is yet one more piece of this puzzle, which may shed somewhat mild on the crime. According to prosecutor Harry Shorstein, within the half hour preceding the murder, Josh was taking a glance at violent pornographic Web sites on his home pc. Another exert, a neurologist hired by Josh’s attorney, discovered that Josh has “bilateral frontal lobe lesions,” which can impair judgment in addition to cause panic. But the decide did not permit this proof to be presented in court docket. Josh says that he tried his finest to keep away from serious about the homicide.

He described Phillips as a teen who was socially isolated and estranged. Capt. Tim Tierney and 1st Sgt. Joshua Phillips joins us for episode four to talk about the command relationship and lessons learned from deployment. Both have been just lately deployed together as a command staff to the Middle East and tell us tales of constructing a cohesive team whereas setting and sustaining expectations. They give us a perspective on failure and what which means for developing as a soldier and further dive into the way to measure success as a rising leader. Despite a huge manhunt, the Jacksonville, Florida native was only caught when his mum went to scrub his room and discovered the little woman’s physique hidden in the base of his waterbed. “I was in tears doing the interview – and I discovered every little thing about meeting Phillips upsetting, distressing and heart-breaking.”

A nationally identified psychologist and skilled witness from Chicago, James Garbarino, testified that in his opinion Phillips really is remorseful — a step within the rehabilitation course of. He mentioned Phillips at 14 suffered from the psycho-dynamics of his family. He had a father who was emotionally and verbally abusive and a mom who suffered despair.

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